Linkage to Care

Linkage to Care

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Linkage to Care: Facilitating Access to Primary Medical Care

What is Linkage to Care (LTC)? 

The LTC program is a time-limited, targeted approach that focuses on identifying and linking individuals living with HIV/AIDS to HIV medical care. This program assists individuals in overcoming barriers that may prevent them from sustaining the medical care and treatment that they need. Our goal is to make accessing care as easy and efficient as possible so that clients can achieve a better quality of life.

Linkage to Care services are free and confidential to all qualified individuals. 

What can Linkage to Care provide? 

  • Provide access to HIV medical care
  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • Basic HIV education
  • Status disclosure services
  • Referral to other supportive services

Who is qualified for this service? 

Individuals who are:

  • Diagnosed as HIV-positive within the past 6 months, OR previously diagnosed but have not been enrolled in HIV medical care for the past 7 months or longer
  • 12 years of age or older
  • Resident of the County of Los Angeles

For more information, please call:

Jasen Okunnuga, MPA
Linkage to Care Specialist
Email him or call (213) 375-3830 ext. 1812

Ayaka Nakaji, MSW
Linkage to Care Specialist
Email her or call (213) 375-3830 ext. 1821