Housing Case Management

Housing Case Management


Our housing case managers provide wraparound housing case management services to address your housing needs. Based on your needs and eligibility, our housing case managers can help you with:

Short Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utilities (STRMU) Assistance
If you are behind on your rent/mortgage and/or utilities, we may be able to help you apply for a grant to catch you up on your payments and prevent homelessness.

Permanent Housing Placement (PHP) Grant
If you are moving into permanent housing, we may be to help you apply for a grant that can cover your move-in costs, such as first month’s rent, security deposit, and utility switch-on costs.

Emergency, Short-Term, Transitional, and Permanent Housing
We can help you find emergency, short-term, transitional, and/or permanent housing. We will work with you to create a housing plan so that you can reach your housing goals.

Other Supportive Services
We will be able to provide or refer you to services to help you avoid homelessness or maintain your housing, such as life skills, budgeting, food, finding work, social support, mental health, etc.


  • Have a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS
  • Living in or moving into Los Angeles County
  • Meet income restrictions

For more information about this program, please contact us at (213) 375-3830.