HIV Education & Counseling Programs

HIV Education & Counseling Programs


APAIT offers free community health education programs to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases, and improve community health literacy. These programs include HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) education groups and peer-to-peer leadership and advocacy groups in both of our Los Angeles and Orange County locations. 

Programs in Los Angeles

ARISE: APIs Reducing Risk through Individual Support and Education

An individual Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS) program for Asian and Pacific Islander gay and non-gay identified men and transgender women.

HEART: HIV Education for At Risk Transgenders Individuals

A peer-led, skills building intervention designed to reduce HIV risk behaviors among transgender people in Los Angeles County.

HOPE: Healthy Opportunities and Pathways to Empowerment

A one-on-one counseling session for HIV-positive individuals to achieve their ideal self.

PEP: Peers Empowering Peers

A youth leadership program for LGBT men aged 18-24, to recruit and empower influential leaders to initiate conversations on HIV testing in their communities.

SOUL: Service Opportunities for Unity and Love

SOUL is a volunteer program for Trans Identified individuals who have completed the HEART program.

Programs in Orange County


A counseling program that provides one-on-one, weekly sessions to address sexual risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), adherence to HIV medical treatments, societal/cultural stigma, substance abuse avoidance, health care access, and disclosure of status.

ONE Time

A 30-50 minute ONE Time counseling program for MSMs who are currently HIV-negative, have tested for HIV in the past, and have had unprotected intercourse with a non-primary partner whose HIV status was positive/unknown. This counseling session will help identify and set up a risk-reducing action plan that is realistic and effective for the individual.